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The Good Fuel Group provides its clients with the tools to ensure long-term profitable growth and value creation for all stakeholders

Our Mission

Our mission is to support companies on their transformation from a model of extraction, exploitation and paralysis to one of abundance, hope and action! Accelerating the adoption of regenerative business.

Our Story

This a crucial decade for humanity. The choices we make now will have a profound impact on the lifestyle of future generations. As parents of young children we owe it to them to leave this world a better place than when we came into it. After successful corporate careers and understanding the vital role that business plays in shaping our world, it became clear to us where we could have the most impact … and so the Good Fuel Group was born.

Who We Are

The founding partners are commercial operators with a track record of embedding sustainability into large matrixed organizations. We understand that your business strategy and sustainability strategy need to be aligned and integrated to ensure success.

We know firsthand that businesses can be both a force for good and financially successful.  In fact, one leads to the other.  By doing things right, we create healthy environments that can survive and thrive for the long term.  We work with clients to deliver regenerative solutions that challenge incumbent systems, contributing to NetZero and a more equitable world.

Hamish Jacobs


Hamish is a co-founder and partner at The Good Fuel Group. He has over two decades of global leadership experience in sustainability both as a consultant and working in-house. He is responsible for delivering strategic sustainability advisory and commercializing green technologies.
An acknowledged thought leader in the sustainability field he brings a depth of expertise in the manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, and transportation sectors. In his role as Director of Sustainability and Operational Excellence at Coca-Cola China Industries he developed a strategy to generate transformational change in the culture and results of the business and its supply chain, delivering on stretch targets five years early. Integral to this was sourcing, validating and adopting new technologies in the areas of water usage, sustainable packaging, energy and waste reductions.
Hamish is stubbornly optimistic about technology’s ability to deliver both the regenerative growth models needed to keep global warming below a 1.5 degrees centigrade increase, as well as a more equitable society. His key areas of focus include bio-plastics, bio-diesel, water, energy storage and management, renewables and precision fermentation.
Hamish is a certified presenter of the Al Gore “An Inconvenient Truth” and holds a B.Sc from Bristol University and an MA from the CASS business School in London. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two children, loves swimming in the ocean, hiking up a hill or losing himself in a good book.
Fergus is a co-founder and partner of the Good Fuel Group. By adopting a sustainability philosophy and a human-centric approach, he has successfully transformed businesses for 25 years. He is responsible for delivering strategic sustainability advisory and supporting clients with implementation and communication with stakeholders.
Fergus has held commercial and general management roles in multiple sectors leading companies ranging from £2m – £120m turnover.  His experience is truly global, having lived and worked in 3 countries, acquired companies in 4 countries, managed manufacturing sites in 5 countries and traded with 62 countries.
Fergus specialises in business turnarounds and companies looking to scale.  Clients include Microsoft, Arriva, Shell, American Express, Santander, Tesco as well as Central Banks and Ministries.  From 2017-2020 he was Divisional CEO and Board Member of a FTSE250 marine engineering group, where he led the drive in the Renewable Sector in the UK, Europe, Taiwan and the USA, doubling the business to £100m.
He has co-founded a business to develop offshore wind farms, he is a professional negotiator and a qualified trainer, and is an active investor in start-ups.  Fergus is an alumnus of St Andrews University and INSEAD. He lives in the UK with his wife, two children and four dogs, loves riding his bike, being in the mountains or the sea, playing the guitar, doing crosswords and getting lost in art galleries.

Fergus Graham


What We Do

We are your outsourced Chief Sustainability officer

Sustainability Advisory

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey we are here to help. For those just beginning our seasoned network of sustainability professionals will take you through a proprietary twelve step process from materiality to reporting. We deliver a long-term comprehensive strategy to meet management’s ambition and embed sustainability into the culture of the organization, making it an integral part of every employee’s job. For those further along the sustainability journey we can be more selective on which areas of the twelve-step process to focus on.
We position ourselves as your outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer and look to make ourselves redundant once we have achieved the desired cultural transformation. We love helping family owned small to medium sized businesses but, given our backgrounds are equally comfortable working with the world’s largest corporations.

The Twelve Step Process

Strategy and Governance

Form a sustainability steering committee, comprising of cross-functional team members. Undertake an inventory of all current sustainability activities and perform a diagnostic assessment to understand the current state. Prioritize issues, identify risks and opportunities, and develop the business case for change. Map and include sustainability focuses in the current governance structure

Environmental and Social Value Chain Impact

Conduct life cycle assessments and map the material and business flows across the value chain, identifying environmental and social impacts associated with each stage of the value chain.


Materiality Assessment

Prioritize impacts based on the company’s level of control and accountability and degree of stakeholder concern.


Vision and Ambition

Work with the senior leadership team and other key internal stakeholders to co-create the vision and define the level of ambition, ensuring that this is aligned with the overall business strategy.


Measurement, Management, and Reporting

Develop and align the KBIs needed to manage the business and implement data measurement and management systems. This data will be fed into dashboards and reports. Assess resourcing needs and aligned incentives with outcomes. Integrate sustainability into the strategic planning process. Develop an overall goal by pillar and then break these down into SMART objectives and Science Based Targets.


Competitor Benchmarking

Conduct competitive analysis and work with external stakeholders to understand how ambitions compare to the market.


Change Management

Facilitate change management workshops and immersion days for staff. Develop employee training, communication, and engagement activities.

Identify External Partners for Success

Develop relationships with NGOs, academic institutions, Government, startups (as appropriate). Develop external communications materials.


Amplify through our Suppliers

Once internal progress has been made then engage the supplier network. Educate them on the plan and work to date and then include sustainability metrics in their supplier scorecards.

Amplify through our Customers

Showcase the great work that is being done around sustainability to gain a competitive advantage. Share best practices and learnings to develop a true partnership.


Best Practice Benchmarking

Hold best practice sharing forums within the organization to educate all and accelerate adoption.



Developing an annual sustainability report in line with the chosen reporting standard (GRI4, SABS etc).


Why we are different

Unlike most sustainability advisory firms, The Good Fuel Group also helps commercialize green technologies through business development and raising funding for those developing breakthrough technologies in their field. We believe this two-pronged approach affords us a unique competitive advantage as we bring a deep knowledge of the solutions and innovations that can help deliver the ambitions long-term targets your business publicly commits to.


Key services include

Strategic development

  • Assisting in generating the Company’s corporate and business development strategy;
  • Assisting the Company in developing a Business Plan;
  • Supporting the Company in managing external resources that may be required to assist development of the corporate and business development strategy.
  • Facilitating the Company’s introduction to, and engagement with, key individuals and companies, including but not limited to decision makers amongst prospective customers and investors, globally;

Capital raising

Stage 1 – Analysis: assisting the Company in analyzing preparedness to secure a strategic partner;

Stage 2 – Synthesis: assisting the Company in formulating a strategy for any partnership, to be approved by the Board of Directors of the Company;

Stage 3 – Implementation: assisting the Company in implementing the partnership strategy and managing the process, including assisting the Company with:

i. The development of a financial model and valuation report to support investor due diligence investigations;
preparing marketing materials, including but not limited to a Teaser Document, (pre-NDA) Investor Presentation, and (post-NDA) Management Presentation;

ii. Preparing briefing materials and scoping due diligence documentation;

iii. Identifying and screening prospective investors;

iv. Engaging with prospective investors; and

v. egotiating term sheets and long-form equity investment documentation.

Sustainability Delivered

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